Write More Mail: 10 Best Mailboxes for Postcard Inspiration

By The Postcard Maven

Five years ago, I moved into a rental house in Seattle with the coolest mailbox. The base of it was painted to imitate the neck of a giraffe, and the mailbox itself was the giraffe’s head. It came complete with ears and a big eye on either side. It was the best.

I asked my landlady about it. She said the previous renters had a kindergarten-aged daughter who wanted to customize the mailbox so badly that eventually the parents asked if that would be a problem. The landlady said go for it, and thus the giraffe mailbox was born.

I have to imagine the family was a little sad to leave it behind when they moved away, but that sadness was likely counterweighted by my excitement to check the mail every day for the two and a half years that I lived in the house. When I moved out, some friends of friends moved in instead, and now they get to check the giraffe every day.

Meanwhile, that little girl has probably gone on to make an even cooler mailbox wherever she lives now. One day, her mailbox designs will probably end up in a listicle like this one. In fact, maybe one of the designs below is hers…the fully iterated giraffe, perhaps?

Get it, mailbox girl.

Out-of-Control Octopus Mailbox

Best Mailboxes for Postcards
(via Bored Panda)

Mama Manatee Mailbox

Best Mailboxes for Postcards
(via The BVIs)

Hanging Helicopter Mailbox

Best Mailboxes for Postcards
(via Mailboxology)

Classy Cactus Mailbox

(via Flickr)

Blue-Bodied Bystander Mailbox

Best Mailboxes for Postcards
(via ForFun)

Ginormous Giraffe Mailbox

(via Instructables)

Festive Fishy Mailbox

(via Design Swan)

Matchy-Matchy Mailbox

(via Imgur)

Rainbow Rowhouse Mailbox

(via Etsy)

Party Penguin Mailbox

(via Penguin News Today)

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  1. Kevin Konen says:

    I love the classy cactus and the festive fishy. They are all great. The cactus certainly suits its surroundings. Now I want a better mailbox!

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